Winter Solstice (band)

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Winter Solstice
Origin Lynchburg, Virginia
Genres Metalcore[1]
Years active 2000–2006
Labels Metal Blade Records
Associated acts
  • We Were Gentlemen
  • Fjord
Past members
  • Peter Walters
  • Caleb Goins
  • Nate Smith
  • Duke Cuneon
  • Roger Turner
  • J.T. Tuner
  • Jason Woodson
  • Steve Carlson
  • Matt Tarpey
  • David Clark
  • Corey Snyder

Winter Solstice was a Christian metalcore band from Lynchburg, Virginia signed to Metal Blade Records. They split up in 2006. Some of the former members have come together with members of Everything Falls Together and to form a new band, Ghost of a Fallen Age. Former frontman Matt Tarpey went on to be a member of We Were Gentlemen and Fjord, also filling in for Underoath in 2003.


Final line-up
  • Peter Walters - vocals (2005-2006)
  • Caleb Goins - guitar (2004-2006)
  • Nate Smith - bass (2002-2006)
  • Duke Cuneo - drums (2000-2006)
Previous members
  • Roger Turner - guitar (2000-2004)
  • J.T. Turner - guitar (2000-2005)
  • Jason Woodson - bass (2000-2001)
  • Steve Carlson - vocals (2001)
  • Matt Tarpey - vocals (2002-2005)
  • David Clark- vocals (2001-2002)
  • Corey Snyder - vocals (2002)
Live members
  • Myke Terry - guitar
  • Jeff Cohn - guitar


Year Title Label Format Other information
2002 Winter Solstice Harvest Earth Records CD [ep] Split w/ Dwell Beneath
2004 The Pulse Is Overrated Harvest Earth Records CD [ep]
2005 The Fall of Rome Metal Blade Records CD

Former Member JT Turner's Quote[edit]

JT Turner's quote taken from the Facebook Group R.I.P-Winter Solstice's message board created by a member with the title "Why did they quit the band?". JT replied on Apr 18, 2007 with[2]

Hey fellas...

The deal is this with the breakup:

Following our tour with Extol, The Showdown, and Becoming the Archetype back in the summer of 05...and really, right after we played cornerstone in July i really felt that God was calling me out of music. I felt a need to get a steady job and go in a career direction so that I could settle down and get married to my then girlfriend, now fiancee (soon to be wife in june :)). It was very interesting, something that I had been SO passionate about for YEARS was all of a sudden gone, normally a good sign when a persons calling has been directed elsewhere. After lots and lots of prayer I made the decision to leave WS following our tour with Sworn Enemy that ended in August of 05. The rest of the band planned to move on ward, but along with not really finding the right guy to fit my spot and some creative differences they decided to split. I know both Duke (drums) and Nate (bass) really felt like they needed to head back to school (as did I) and pursue their masters degrees..which is what I am currently doing as well. Peter and Caleb were going to keep WS going, but some logistics got cloudy and it just kinda fell away...culminating in Ghost of a Fallen Age being founded by Caleb. Caleb is really the only member doing full time music now, Peter still tours with Haste the Day as a merch guy (which is how we met him to begin with).

The bottom line, so to speak, was that the majority of us were around the 25- and 26-year-old range. that may sound young, but in the game of music...if yo're not between 18-22...then you had better be making a for-real living, which we were not. we made enough to pay minimal bills, but after was just enough to keep us going to the next show. music is a young mans game.

In the end though we all still love music, metal in particular (except i think duke who is kind of soured on it), and our lives are going well. I for one am a fan of Calebs new band and i hope that you all are supporting him.

if you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask :)


JT Turner


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