Winter Words (album)

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Winter Words - Hits & Rareties
Compilation album by All About Eve
Released 26 October 1992
Label Mercury
Producer Paul Samwell-Smith
Wayne Hussey
Warne Liversey
All About Eve
All About Eve chronology
Winter Words
(Seeing Stars)

Winter Words - Hits & Rareties is a compilation album by All About Eve (or at least a compilation put out in their name) by their then former record label Mercury with whom they had had an acrimonious split one year earlier. As it was, this album did not have the support or the backing of the band, and its deliberate release on the same day as their fourth album, Ultraviolet, could not have been timed worse for the prospects of that album.

For all this however, Winter Words was, at the time, the most comprehensive anthology of the band's music from their period with Mercury, and contained two previously unreleased songs. Another similar compilation, The Best of All About Eve, was released in July 1999, although both have now been superseded by Keepsakes.

Track listing - Winter Words[edit]

  1. "Our Summer"
  2. "Flowers In Our Hair"
  3. "In the Clouds"
  4. "Martha's Harbour"
  5. "Every Angel"
  6. "Wild Hearted Woman"
  7. "What Kind of Fool"
  8. "Road to Your Soul"
  9. "Scarlet"
  10. "December"
  11. "Farewell Mr Sorrow"
  12. "Strange Way"
  13. "The Dreamer"
  14. "Paradise"
  15. "Candy Tree"
  16. "Drowning"
  17. "Wild Flowers"
  18. "Theft" +
  19. "Different Sky" +


+ New tracks previously unreleased.

"Theft" was mis-titled - apparently it should have been called "If I Had You".

The Best of All About Eve
Greatest hits album by All About Eve
Released July 1999
Label Mercury, Spectrum
All About Eve chronology
Winter Words
The Best of All About Eve
Fairy Light Nights

Track listing - The Best of All About Eve[edit]

  1. "Our Summer"
  2. "Lady Moonlight"
  3. "Flowers in Our Hair"
  4. "Paradise"
  5. "Gypsy Dance"
  6. "In the Meadow"
  7. "Every Angel"
  8. "Martha's Harbour"
  9. "What Kind of Fool"
  10. "Gold and Silver"
  11. "Candy Tree"
  12. "Road to Your Soul"
  13. "Tuesday's Child"
  14. "Different Sky"
  15. "Farewell Mr. Sorrow"
  16. "Wishing the Hours Away"
  17. "Are You Lonely"
  18. "Share It With Me"