Wintersmith (Steeleye Span album)

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Front cover of Steeleye Span cd Wintersmith.jpg
Studio album by Steeleye Span
Released 28 October 2013
Recorded 2013
Genre Electric folk, progressive rock
Label Park Records
Producer Chris Tsangarides
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Wintersmith is the twenty-second studio album by the electric folk band Steeleye Span. It was released on 28 October 2013. It features the line-up of Maddy Prior, Peter Knight, Rick Kemp, Julian Littman, Pete Zorn and Liam Genockey. Guest musicians are Terry Pratchett (voice), Kathryn Tickell (Northumbrian Pipes), Bob Johnson (Vocals), and John Spiers (Melodeon).

The songs on the album are inspired principally by Wintersmith among other Tiffany Aching and Discworld books. There is a spoken contribution by the author, Terry Pratchett.

On 27 October 2014 a double CD Deluxe Edition was released, disc two containing a mixture of new tracks, live performances and demos.



2013 Standard Edition[edit]

  1. "Overture"
  2. "The Dark Morris Song"
  3. "Wintersmith"
  4. "You"
  5. "The Good Witch" – featuring Terry Pratchett (spoken word)
  6. "Band of Teachers"
  7. "The Wee Free Men"
  8. "Hiver"
  9. "Fire & Ice"
  10. "The Making of a Man"
  11. "Crown of Ice"
  12. "First Dance"
  13. "The Dark Morris Tune"
  14. "The Summer Lady"
  15. "Ancient Eyes"
  16. "We Shall Wear Midnight"

2014 Deluxe Edition[edit]

Tracks - Deluxe Edition Disc 2:

  1. "To Be Human"
  2. "Be Careful What You Wish For"
  3. "Granny Aching"
  4. "Just One Heart"
  5. "You" (Live)
  6. "Ancient Eyes" (Live)
  7. "The Dark Morris Tune" (Live)
  8. "The Dark Morris Song" (Live)
  9. "The Making Of A Man" (Live)
  10. "Crown Of Ice" (Live)
  11. "Summer Lady" (Live)
  12. "We Shall Wear Midnight" (Live)
  13. "Ancient Eyes" (demo)
  14. "The Wee Free Men" (demo)

Chart Performance[edit]

Wintersmith debuted at No. 77 on the UK Albums Chart.

Critical reception[edit]

The album has received very positive reviews, and has been described as "a marriage between the written word and music that is devastatingly superb."[1]

Folk Radio UK hailed the release as "a concept album it has that feel of being made for a stage production",[2] and another review says that the album "effortlessly weaves contrasting styles together into a cohesive and enchanting vision of eternal Winter."[3]