Winterthur–Bülach–Koblenz railway line

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Kaiserstuhl stacidomo 247.jpg
Kaiserstuhl station
Locale Switzerland
Termini Winterthur, Canton of Zurich
Koblenz, Aargau
Opened August 1876
Owner Swiss Federal Railways
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route diagram
Railway lines from Schaffhausen, Romanshorn, St. Gallen and Tösstal
0,0 Winterthur Hauptbahnhof 438,8 m
Winterthur to Zurich line
1,72 Winterthur-Töss 435,2 m
3,39 Nägelsee siding
4,68 Winterthur-Wülflingen 422,0 m
7,58 Pfungen-Neftenbach 412,2 m
12,32 Embrach-Rorbas 315,9 m
Wildbach (93 m)
Dättenberg (1800 m)
Etterbühl (125 m)
Bülach-Regensberg Railway from Zurich
16,26 Bülach 315,9 m
19,40 Glattfelden 409,8 m
22.25 Eglisau 390,1 m
Eglisau-Neuhausen line to Schaffhausen
Glatt (93 m)
26,16 Zweidlen 368,2 m
29,36 Weiach-Kaiserstuhl 368,2 m
Kaiserstuhl AG
35,33 Rümikon-Mellikon 351,2
38,11 Rekingen 338,2 m
41,40 Bad Zurzach 338,8 m
43,39 Rietheim 333,3 m
Koblenz Dorfab 1997
Waldshut to Turgi via Koblenz line from Waldshut
Waldshut to Turgi via Koblenz line from Waldshut
48,38 Koblenz 320,3 m
Waldshut to Turgi via Koblenz line to Turgi
Koblenz to Stein-Säckingen line to Basel

The Winterthur–Bülach–Koblenz railway line is a railway line in Switzerland. It links the city of Winterthur in the canton of Zurich with the municipality of Koblenz in the canton of Aargau. The line was opened in August 1876 by the Swiss Northeastern Railway (NOB), and is now owned by the Swiss Federal Railways.

Today the line is served throughout by Zurich S-Bahn lines S41, which continues beyond Koblenz to the German town of Waldshut. The midsection of the line, between Bülach and Eglisau also carries Zurich S-Bahn lines S5 and S22, together with long distance passenger trains between Zurich and Schaffhausen. At the Koblenz end of the line, alternate trains on Aargau S-Bahn line S27 from Baden run through to Bad Zurzach.[1][2]

There is also some freight traffic on the line, including through freight between Germany and the Gotthard line over the Bülach to Eglisau section. On the rest of the line, a container terminal is served at Rekingen and a gravel mine at Zweidlen station. In addition there are several trains, principally fuel trains operating to the fuel depot at Glattbrugg station, that route from Basel to Koblenz and then use this route to bypass Zurich.

The line is constructed to standard gauge and is electrified using the Swiss standard of 15 kV 16 23 Hz AC supplied by overhead line. Most of the line is of single track with passing loops, but the busier section between Bülach and Eglisau is double tracked.[3]


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