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Developer Screenshot of Wintomatix running on Wine
Developer Screenshot of Wintomatix running on Wine
Developer(s) Independ
Stable release
Development status Not Supported/Ended
Operating system Windows, ReactOS
Available in English (US)
License GNU GPL

Wintomatix is a software freeware that allows the user to download the most famous freeware applications, by pressing the Download button in the user interface, and it is a clone of Automatix (software) for Windows.


Wintomatix is based on ReactOS Downloader's source code, and it has the same User Interface, which is very similar to Automatix.


Some of the features that is listed in the Official Website are:

  • Friendly and easy to understand graphical user interface,without hundreds buttons.
  • Wintomatix source list contains the most latest Software versions,that means that your Automatic Downloaded Software doesn't need to be old at all.
  • Wintomatix allows you to Download any Application you want,with a simple click of your mouse.The only thing you must do is to press 3 times the Next button on the program's installer.


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