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Wipeout (season 1)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 11
Original channel ABC
Original release 28 June 2008 (2008-06-28) – 16 September 2008 (2008-09-16)
Season chronology
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This is a comprehensive list of all of the episodes from the first season of American game show Wipeout.

Episode 1: Hello America[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Arthur "Jazzhands" Sevcik 6th (02:02.4) 6th 2nd Winner (02:40.70)
2 "Mouth of the South" Travis Mitchell 1st (01:55.6)[a] 4th 1st Ran Out of time
3 Jessi "Go Go Dancer" Duran (Age: 20) 12th (02:26.5) 3rd 4th 2nd Place (05:36.77)
4 "Police Academy Grad" Nick Leland (Age: 24) 5th (01:59.2)[a] 2nd 3rd 3rd Place (05:43.60)
5 "Sherrif" Kevin Ashmuhs 7th (02:14.5) 5th Eliminated
6 "Candyman" Andrew Ritter (Age: 19) 3rd (01:57.3) $1,000 Quit and left with $1,000
7 "Pastor" Jerry Huson (Age: 56) 11th (02:25:0) Eliminated
8 David Anderson 2nd (01:56.6) Eliminated
9 "Be The Ball" Ruben Sears 4th (01:58:9) Eliminated
10 Glenn-Marie Endris 9th (02:15:8) Eliminated
11 "Waitress" Amy Kline (Age: 23) 10th (02:19:4) Eliminated
12 "Triathlete" Kim Beetlestone (Age: 38) 8th (02:14:9) Eliminated


  1. ^ a b Nick Leland is the first person to clear both the Topple Towers and the Cookie Cutter Swing; later on, Travis Mitchell became the second person to clear the Cookie Cutter Swing.

Episode 2: A Day's Work and Day's Play[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sack Sweeper Tennis Dreadmill Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Skateboarder" Jim Wakefield (Age: 20) 3rd (01:33.9) $1000 1st (01:00.79) Winner (07:34.55) ($51,000)
2 "Father of Two" Darrin Miller (Age: 37) 1st (01:19.3) 5th 3rd (04:35.10) Ran Out of time
3 "Massage Therapist" David Goryl (Age: 30) 5th (01:59.1) 4th 4th (04:36.14) 2nd Place (08:50.79)
4 "Ladies' Man" Joey Byham (Age: 19) 4th (01:34.6) 6th 2nd (01:07.13) Quit
5 "Breakdancer" Ingel Catindig 2nd (01:32.5) 3rd Finished but Didn't Qualify (04:36.20)
6 "Neon Blonde" Kelly Duffy (Age: 23) 7th (02:30.4) 2nd Quit
7 Gayla "Don't Call Me A Cougar" Johnson 10th (02:48.8) Eliminated
8 "Personal Trainer" Alyssa Grube 12th (02:55.7) Eliminated
9 "Mother of Four" Jessica Burd 8th (02:33.5) Eliminated
10 "Cheerleader" Donald Pietranczyck 6th (02:10.5) Eliminated
11 "Genius" Ronni Peck (Age: 27) 9th (02:46.7) Eliminated
12 Carin "Crazy Fingers" Chea 11th (02:50.8) Eliminated

Episode 3: Where's The Pole?[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Toothbrush Sweeper Dizzy Dummy[a] Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Teenage Ninja" Kyle Adler(Age: 19) [b] 3rd (01:41.5) $1000 1st Winner (03:23.03) ($51,000)
2 "Mortgage Broker" Nick Louis 1st (01:36.2) 4th 3rd 2nd Place (09:33.99)
3 Ariel "Never Been Kissed" Tweto (Age 20)[c] 9th (02:25.1) 6th 4th 3rd Place (15:57.93)
4 "Ridiculously Good-Looking" Neil Smith (Age: 29) 7th (02:09.0) 3rd 2nd Late Finish (16:03.81)
5 "Law School Wannabe" Chris Lekawa (Age: 23) 8th (02:11:5) 5th Eliminated
6 "Personal Trainer" Jarran Joshu[d] 2nd (01:40.4) 2nd Sick
7 Dalmar Montgomery 4th (01:41:8) Eliminated
8 Will Rideau 6th (01:45:2) Eliminated
9 "The Pole Murderer" Mike Pyszczynski 12th (03:29:1) Eliminated
10 "Jersey Girl" Jennifer Tapiero (Age: 19) 11th (03:25:7) Eliminated
11 "Fit Model" Dena DePompa 10th (03:21:9) Eliminated
12 Vanessa Berghorn 5th (01:42:0) Eliminated


  1. ^ The Dizzy Dummy round had an extra spin to account for Jarran throwing up.
  2. ^ Kyle Adler was the only one to make part of the Doughnut Run in the Qualifier.
  3. ^ Tweto became the first person ever to successfully cross the Big Balls. However, during the pole vault, she failed to see the pole in front of her and jumped into the water, completely missing it.
  4. ^ Joshu became the first person to throw up on Wipeout.

Episode 4: The Flip Flop Flip, Flop[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dodgeball Dreadmill Flipper Flop Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Fitness Fanatic" Marc Natividad (Age: 43) 1st (01:41.7) 5th 2nd (01:39.11) Winner (08:23.10)
2 "Silver Fox" Robert Schweitzer (Age: 49) 7th (02:15.1) 3rd 1st (01:42.15) 2nd Place (11:35.02)
3 "Warrior" Saye Yabendeh (Age: 26) 12th (03:26.6) 4th 4th (01:10.71) Ran Out of time
4 "Mama's Boy" Gabriel Lawrence (Age: 26) 8th (02:30.1) $1000 3rd (01:27.81) Quit and left with $1,000
5 Keith "Muddy Beard" Biondi 9th (02:37.0) 2nd Eliminated(01:09.88)
6 "Soccer Mom" Gwenisha Robinson 6th (02:02.3)[a] 6th Eliminated(01:00.52)
7 Grace "The Waitress" Matias 11th (02:49.5) Eliminated
8 "Newlywed" Kat Negrete 4th (01:49.9) Eliminated
9 ″Six Foot Six″ Philip Ventimiglia 5th (02:02.0)[b] Eliminated
10 Cheryl "The Flight Attendant" Kazel 2nd (01:41.8) Eliminated
11 "The Terminator" Rado Pagac 10th (02:47.7) Eliminated
12 Taylor Johnson (Age: 19) 3rd (01:45.0) Eliminated


  1. ^ Robinson was the first person to cross the Sucker Punch successfully.
  2. ^ Ventimiglia was the first to cross the Tumble Tubes.

Episode 5: All Balls[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Hoop Sweeper Mexican Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Jock" Casey O'Farrell (Age: 20) 3rd (01:38.7) $1000 4th Winner (05:30.51) ($51,000)
2 "1-word Model" Dana Jamison (Age: 18) 5th (02:16.1) 3rd 3rd 2nd Place (06:26.28)
3 "Chinese Acrobat" David Matz (Age: 24) 4th (01:47.8) 2nd 1st 3rd Place (08:27.01)
4 "Nerd Gamer" Jeremy Olson (Age: 20) 1st (01:14.5)* 5th 2nd Ran Out of time
5 "Ball-loving Weird-o" Ben Kronberg 2nd (01:36.0)[a] 4th Eliminated
6 "Crunch Time" Jacob Mann 11th (03:28.8) 6th Quit (sick)[b]
7 "Tiny" John Ames 10th (03:10.6) Eliminated
8 "Competitive Eater" Shawn Kirby (Age: 43) 9th (03:06.8) Eliminated
9 Katie Graham 6th (02:26.8) Eliminated
10 "Narcissist" Richard Gale 12th (03:31.2) Eliminated
11 Jessica Horton 7th (02:45.3) Eliminated
12 Jodi Elliot 8th (02:48.2) Eliminated


  1. ^ Ben Kronberg currently holds the title as the only contestant ever to succeed on the Ball Swing.
  2. ^ Before the start of the Dizzy Dummy, the six remaining contestants were given a Mexican lunch, and Jacob Mann quit before the start of the second heat due to stomach dizziness.

Episode 6: Wrecord Breaker[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Crowbar Sweeper Wrecking Ball Dreadmill Wipeout Zone[a][b]
Place Contestant Result
1 "Mr." Charles Zaucha[c] 1st (01:32.9)*** 3rd 1st (02:34.31) Winner (06:22.56)
2 "Geek" Robert Duff (Age: 19) 5th (02:09.2) $1000 3rd (01:33.23) 2nd Place (16:49.44) ($1,000)
3 "Animal Lover" Jessica Bertoni (Age: 25)[d] 4th (01:52.8)* 6th 4th (01:23.78) Out of time
"Below the Belt" John Curtis (Age: 32) 6th (02:11.4) 4th 2nd (01:36.97) Out of time
5 "Fashion Designer" Timothy Ton 3rd (01:49.1) 5th Eliminated(01:05.10)
6 "B-boy" Chris Kinyon (Age: 27)[e] 2nd (01:39.5) 2nd Eliminated(:21.35)
7 "Loan Specialist" Tyler Jorgenson 9th (03:00.9) Eliminated
8 Yolanda Ezeil 8th (02:34.0) Eliminated
9 Christa "Personal Trainer" Wiktorski (Age: 23) 7th (02:12.0) Eliminated
10 Toni Robinson 11th (03:46.8) Eliminated
11 Lili Asvar 10th (03:44.6) Eliminated
12 "Software Developer" Matthew Thies (Age: 35) 12th (03:56.9) Eliminated


  1. ^ This episode, all of the Wipeout Zone was covered in foam.
  2. ^ The Wipeout Zone was quite different for this episode. They replaced the waterfall wall with the rope wall and the Killer Surf was a "Your Choice" theme—contestants could either go on a sled, a mattress, a tude or their backs.
  3. ^ Charles Zaucha became the first person to clear to the Buoy Run, with Timothy Ton becoming the second.
  4. ^ Jessica Bertoni became only the second person ever to clear the Sucker Punch, and later became the only person ever to complete the Field Goal Swing successfully.
  5. ^ While obsessively break-dancing on the Dreadmill, Chris Kinyon ducked when the wrecking ball was seven feet above him, but was unable to get up, with a finishing time of 21.35 seconds.

Episode 7: The Wipey Awards[edit]

Wipey Award Winner Runners-up
Best Sucker Punch Jessica Trevethick (Week 4) Dana Jamison (Week 5), James Simpton (Week 5), Jessica Bertoni (Week 6), Craig Johnson (Week 2)
Best Sweeper Week 2

(everyone but Jim Wakefield)

Week 1 (3 sweeps), Week 3 (3 sweeps), Week 6 (2 sweeps)
Best Wipeout on a Non-obstacle Natalie Murdock (Week 2) Margie Stubbs (Week 1), Brandon Bermudez (Week 5), Carrie Wynes (Week 8), Andrew Pagana (Week 2)
Favorite Contestant Ariel "Where's the pole?" Tweto (Week 3) Sandy Bowles (Week 6), Travis Mitchell (Week 1), Keith Biondi (Week 4), Jessi Duran (Week 1)
Dizziest Dummy Jarran Joshu (Week 3) Chris Lekawa (Week 3), Jessi Duran (Week 1)
Best Guest Obstacle Wrecking Ball

(Dreadmill, Week 6)

The Crowbar (Sweeper, Week 6), Tennis Balls (Dreadmill,Week 1), Sacks (Sweeper, Week 2)
Best Telestration "The Cheerleader" (Week 2) "Sweeper Dodgeball Instructions" (Week 4), "Tuesday Night in Jersey" (Week 1), "The Wrecking Ball" (Week 6), "Joey Byham" (Week 2), "The Hoop" (Week 5)
Best Big Balls Wipeout Chris Lekawa (Week 3) Chris Kinyon (Week 6), Gwenisha Robinson (Week 4), Gayla Johnson (Week 2), Christa Wiktorski (Week 6)
Best Romance Ben Kronberg, the Big Balls,

and the Ball Swing (Week 5)

Ariel Tweto and a Crazy Beam (Week 3), Jessica Bertoni and the Wrecking Ball (Week 6)
Best Dance Jim Wakefield (Week 2) Ingel Catandig (Week 2), Neil Smith (Week 3), Arthur Sevcik (Week 1)
Best Battle Cry Nancy Dillness-Novak (Week 1) Saye Yabandeh (Week 4), Kyle Adler (Week 3), Victoria Redstall (Week 1), David Goryl (Week 2)
Lifetime Achievement The Big Balls The Sweeper, The Spinner, The Sucker Punch
Best Wipeout Jacob Mann (Week 5) Erwin Milan (Week 6), John Curtis (Week 6), Toni Robinson (Week 6)
  • This episode contained an awards show style presentation of past moments from the previous episodes. Other Notable Awards included Most Calm and Collected: Anita Lavi; Best Spazout: David Goryl; Most Unintelligible Comment: Nick Louis; Most Eligible Bachelor: Joey Byham; Best Skid Mark: Jen Svedja; Best Soap Opera Moment: David Goryl and Ingel Catandig; Best Sideline Reporter:Jill Wagner; Best Purple Tracksuit: Bryan Sayas; and Best "Put a Fork in Me" Moment: Margie Stubbs.

Episode 8: Wipeout O-Matic[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier The Crusher Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Fire-dancer" Richard Mendoza 2nd (01:53.2) 2nd 1st Winner (10:55.56)
2 "Foot-phobic" April Robles (Age: 24) 1st (01:48.8)* $1000 3rd 2nd Place (16:46.53) ($1,000)
3 "Marine" Carlos Moreno 5th (01:55.3) 6th 2nd Ran Out of time
4 "Firefighter" Michael Bertrand (Age: 39) 3rd (01:53.7) 3rd 4th Quit
5 "Human Siren" Shane Johnson (Age 20) 4th (01:55.0) 5th Eliminated
"Motormouth" Tory Mell 9th (03:00.3) 4th Eliminated
7 "Pro Surfer" Jenny Quam 8th (02:02.1) Eliminated
8 "Pilot" Larry Hanes 12th (05:22.7) Eliminated
9 "Woman in Mid-air" Jessye Liebow 7th (02:00.8) Eliminated
10 "Chick in the Mud" Gina Capelli 6th (01:55:6) Eliminated
11 "Lady in the Doughnut" Brittany Gilman 11th (04:33.9) Eliminated
12 Professor" Calvin Bonds 10th (04:22.4) Eliminated
  • Notes: April Robles became the first person ever to win both the Qualifier and the Sweeper, as well as holding the second best time in the Qualifier, and becoming only the second person ever to cross the Topple Towers. Richard Mendoza became the first person to win both the Dizzy Dummy and the Wipeout Zone. The Sucker Punch had a twist this episode, instead of boxing gloves, they were replaced with shoes and called the 'Butt Kicker'. This was the 1st time no one quit on the dizzy dummy

Episode 9: The Special Episode[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Daunting Cookie Cutter All-New Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Rocket Scientist" Christian Readyhoff 3rd (01:10.0)****** T1st 2nd (04:13.68) Winner (00:55.88)**
2 Scott "Face-plant" Kessler 8th (01:56.9)******* T1st 1st (04:04.00) 2nd Place (02:03.84)*******
3 Katie Mayfield "The Pro Cheerleader" *****2nd (01:01.3) T1st 4th (04:51.52) Late Finish (02:25.14)***
4 "Suddenly Slim" Mich Rohner 12th (02:26:9)****** T1st 3rd (04:30.37) 3rd Place (03:00.83)
5 "The Wolverine" Andrew Long 10th (02:00.4) T1st Eliminated(05:13.74)
6 "105-pound Little" Paul Martin 11th (02:20.2) T1st Eliminated(05:52.19)
7 "Hot Sauce Guy" Daniel Drew 9th (01:58.8)****** T1st Eliminated(07:29.21)
8 Nick Ballard "The Football Player" 1st (00:59.4)* T1st Did Not Finish
9 "Dog Trainer" Mindy Fortune 4th (01:10.8) Eliminated
10 "Police Officer" Steve Romero 13th (02:27.9) Eliminated
11 "Former Stuntman" Rick Wilson 14th (02:28.6) Eliminated
12 Eddie Shapiro 15th (02:29.0)******* Eliminated
13 "Triathlete" Shelly Williams 7th (01:22.3) Eliminated
14 Karen Helm 6th (01:12.1) Eliminated
15 Monte Cook "With His Sore Butt" 16th (02:29.2) Eliminated
16 Angela Bruson 5th (01:11.7) Eliminated
  • Notes: This episode was the pilot for the series. Thirty-two contestants competed in this episode, with sixteen advancing to the Sweeper. After eight contestants were eliminated in the Sweeper, the round simply ended. If the episodes are classed chronologically, Nick Ballard "The Football Player" holds the fastest time ever on the Qualifier, and became the second contestant to clear the Big Balls. Christian Readyhoff "The Rocket Scientist" holds the fastest time ever in the Wipeout Zone, and becomes the first contestant ever to finish the Wipeout Zone faster than the Qualifier. He was also the only one not to crawl on the Blastoff (he WALKED to victory instead). Although she ran out of time, "Pro Cheerleader" Katie Mayfield still finished the Wipeout Zone. She is a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, and is the first person ever to have a perfect Qualifier. Daniel Drew "The Hot Suace Guy" and "Suddenly Slim" Mich Rohner were the first and second contestants to slide down Human Pinball perfectly. Later, Christian Readyhoff "The Rocket Scientist" became the third and final contestant to cross the Leap of Faith successfully. Although not shown in the episode, Eddie Shapiro was the first contestant ever to clear the Sucker Punch. There are 8 more contestants than normal Wipeout (2008 U.S. game show)s. Scott "Face-plant" Kessler nearly missed the landing platform after jumping off the Spinner, but he climbed up, resulting in the loss of "Suddenly Slim" Mich Rohner. He also face-planted onto the second Big Ball during his run on the Qualifier, causing him to bleed. Karla Guy was the competitor to have the remaining distance for the Leap of Faith, which is, say, 75'. Andrew Long was the only contestant not mentioned in the Qualifier to make it past the second round.

Episode 10: Road to the Final Episode[edit]

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Triple Threat Sweeper Roadwork Dreadmill Storm Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Punk Rocker" Kyle Sullivan (Age: 18) 3rd (01:42.2) $1000 1st (01:51.81) Winner (03:35.26)** ($51,000)
2 Sam "The Champ" Mohan (Age: 20)**** 4th (01:55.8) 6th 3rd (:53.89) 2nd Place (06:01.21)
3 "Loonybird" Brent Williams*** (Age: 63) 7th (02:36.0) 4th 4th (:52.08) 3rd Place (12:34.48)*
4 "Xtreme Kiwi" Phil Somerville (Age: 37) 1st (01:21.6) 3rd 2nd (01:49.81) Injured (Left Shoulder)*****
5 "Semi-Pro Baseball Player" Thomas Lynum 8th (02:43.6) 5th Eliminated(:51:53)
6 "Stuntwoman" Jessie Graff*** (Age: 24) 2nd (01:23.1) 2nd Eliminated(:42.08)
7 Johnny Pegues "Pegasus" 9th (02:50.0) Eliminated
8 "Beer Belly" Rolland Gerhardt (Age: 44) 5th (02:08.6) Eliminated
9 "Architect" Meaghan McCall 11th (03:34.9) Eliminated
10 "Self-Described Cutie" Angeliquea Blackmon 10th (03:02.9) Eliminated
11 Tiffany Latella 12th (04:00.9) Eliminated
12 "Bartender" Ericka Klein 6th (02:24.8) Eliminated
  • Notes: Brent Williams became the oldest contestant ever to make it through to the Wipeout Zone, and the second contestant to successfully cross the Tumble Tubes. Kyle Sullivan became the youngest winner thus far, and the third person to win both the Sweeper and the Dreadmill. Jessie Graff became the third contestant to clear the Tumble Tubes, and the final contestant to clear the Big Balls in the first season. Sam Mohan became the fifth contestant to cross the Sucker Punch successfully. Phil Somerville was forced to pull out of the competition due to a shoulder injury. The Triple Treat Sweeper consisted of The Crusher, Junior Wrecking Ball, and Icy Cold Blast of Smoke. All but one contestant, Marco Julian made the Bubble Bath Swing.Jessie Graff later competied on American Ninja Warrior 5 but failed on the flying nunchuckes But she was fast enough to become the first woman to ever move on to the semi finals. Phil Somerville also did stunts for Iron Man 3.

Episode 11: Top 25 Moments[edit]

Moment # Winner
25 Chris Lekawa (Week 3)
24 Heather Lawrence (Week 5)
23 Jim Wakefield (Week 2)
22 Kameisha Thomas (Week 10)
21 Isaac Alvarez (Week 1)
20 The Toothbrush (Jarran Joshu & Kyle Adler-Week 3)
19 Travis Mitchell (Week 1)
18 "Champ" Sam Mohan (Week 10)
17 Karla Guy (Week 9)
16 Jessica Bertoni (Week 6)
15 "A Hundred-Five-Pound Little" Paul Martin (Week 9)
14 David Goryl (Week 2)
13 Shane Johnson (Week 8)
12 Iris Kyle (Week 9)
11 Jessi Duran (Week 1)
10 John Curtis (Week 6)
9 Mexican Lunch Dizzy Dummy (Week 5)
8 Maria Castro & Gayla Johnson (Week 2)
7 Tamara Pickering (Week 9)
6 "Jedi" William Hill (Week 1)
5 Margie Stubbs (Week 1)
4 Sweeper Dodgeball (Week 4)
3 Jarran Joshu (Week 3)
2 Jacob Mann (Week 5)
1 Ariel "Never Been Kissed" Tweto (Week 3)
  • Notes: The episode featured the Top 25 Moments as voted by the fans. The links were recorded from Venice Beach, where a number of past contestants and fans had gathered in celebration. The episode also shows behind-the-scenes and unbroadcast footage from the first season.