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This article is about the Wipeout series of video games. For the first game in the series, see Wipeout (video game). For the series of video games based on the 2008 US Television show, see List of video games based on Wipeout (2008 U.S. game show).
Wipeout logo.png
Genres Racing game
Developers Psygnosis/SCE Studio Liverpool
Publishers Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Platforms PlayStation
First release Wipeout
29 September 1995
Latest release Wipeout 2048
19 January 2012

Wipeout (trademarked as wipEout)[1] is a series of futuristic anti-gravity racing games developed by SCE Studio Liverpool. The series is well known for its fast-paced gameplay and high-quality 3D visual design running on the full resolution of the console the game belongs to; its association with electronic dance music (mainly Goa trance, uplifting trance and big beat), as well as its continuous collaboration with certain artists (The Chemical Brothers, Optical, FSOL, Cold Storage, Kraftwerk, Orbital, Aphex Twin and others). The series identified itself with a strong graphical design, provided by The Designers Republic.


Wipeout is a racing series that features vehicles that hover over futuristic racetracks. The series is known for its speed and consequential difficulty. The fastest speed the vehicles can reach on their own is roughly 800 km/h although the player can boost their speed even further by driving over [usually] blue chevron shaped tiles which can potentially increase the vehicle's speed up to the speed of sound (1225 km/h). The player can compete against CPU controlled players or live opponents in a variety of game modes, such as races, time trials and others. Power-ups (or "pick-ups") are also available and come in offensive ("weapon") and defensive ("item") varieties. Such power-ups can be obtained by driving over an "X" shaped tile on the ground. One of the most iconic offensive weapons of the series is the "Quake" which creates a fiery wave that travels down the track in front of the user, essentially hitting every opponent ahead of them. Weapons are capable of dealing damage in most instalments and enough damage will completely destroy or "eliminate" an opponent, permanently removing them from the race in most cases.


Year Title Platform Notes Set
1995 Wipeout PlayStation, Sega Saturn, DOS CD-ROM 2052 (F3600 AG)
1996 Wipeout 2097 PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Windows CD-ROM, Mac OS, Amiga 2097 (F5000 AG)
1998 Wipeout 64 Nintendo 64 2098 (F5000 AG)
1999 Wipeout 3 PlayStation A Special Edition version was released only in Europe, in 2000. 2116 (F7200 AG)
2002 Wipeout Fusion PlayStation 2 2160 (F9000 AG)
2005 Wipeout Pure PlayStation Portable 2197 (FX300 AG)
2007 Wipeout Pulse PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 2207 (FX400 AG)
2008 Wipeout HD PlayStation 3 An expansion pack, Wipeout HD Fury, was released in 2009. 2206 (FX350 AG)
2012 Wipeout 2048 PlayStation Vita Features Cross-Platform play with Wipeout HD and Fury add-on and is a prequel to the other games in the timeline. 2048-2050 (A.G.R.C.)
2017 Wipeout: Omega Collection PlayStation 4 Enhanced port of HD, Fury and 2048


The Wipeout franchise began with the release of the original Wipeout in 1995. Three more Wipeout games were released by the end of the decade, all developed by Liverpool-based developer Psygnosis. In 1999, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe acquired Psygnosis and its intellectual property, including Wipeout. As part of the acquisition, the name "Psygnosis" was changed to "SCE Studio Liverpool". After the acquisition, the titles to follow experienced drastic changes in physics and gameplay. Five more Wipeout games were developed, two on the PlayStation 2, two for the PlayStation Portable, a downloadable title on the PlayStation 3 (Wipeout HD, which is also available on Blu-ray disc packaged with the Fury expansion), and a launch title for the PlayStation Vita (Wipeout 2048). Sony Liverpool had been working on a Wipeout game for the upcoming PlayStation 4 console when the studio was closed on 22 August 2012.[2]

A Wipeout "arcade" game was also featured in the 1995 movie "Hackers". The actual game footage was pre-rendered CGI and the actors merely pretended they were playing the game.


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