Wipper (Saale)

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Hettstedt Wipper.jpg
The Wipper at Hettstedt.
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source Harz
River mouth Saale
51°47′14″N 11°43′6″E / 51.78722°N 11.71833°E / 51.78722; 11.71833Coordinates: 51°47′14″N 11°43′6″E / 51.78722°N 11.71833°E / 51.78722; 11.71833
Physical characteristics
Length 85 km (53 mi)

The Wipper is a river in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, a left tributary of the Saale. It is 85 kilometres (53 mi) long. The name comes from the old German word "Uipparaha", which means "singing, bouncing river".


The Wipper originates in the southeastern Harz, near Harzgerode at the bottom of Auerberg mountain. The Wipper joins the Saale in Bernburg.


The following rivers are tributaries of the Wipper:[1][2]


The following towns and cities lie along the Wipper:


  • Wippermühle in Wippra (today known as Mühlencafe)[3]
  • Kratzmühle between Friesdorf and Rammelburg, called after the first owner Nickel Kratz
  • Herrenmühle between Friesdorf and Rammelburg, (currently a garage) it used to be a hostel for ids
  • Klippmühle between Biesenrode and Vatterode:[4] In 1848 August Schumann bought a flour and saw mill, which was taken over by Reinhold Schumann in 1893. When the railroad to Wipperliese was built, he opened a pub.


  • 1994: Between April 12 and 13, 1994, heavy rain in the lower Harz mountains led to flooding on the Wipper.


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