Wir kriegen Euch alle

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Wir kriegen euch alle
Studio album by Feeling B
Released 1991
Recorded 1989-1990
Genre Punk rock, experimental rock
Length 41:35
Label Pirates Press
Feeling B chronology
Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa
Wir kriegen Euch alle
Die Maske des Roten Todes

Wir kriegen euch alle (Loosely translated as "We'll Get You All") is the second album by the East German punk band Feeling B. It was released in 1991.

Track list[edit]

  1. Ich such die DDR (I Search For The DDR)
  2. Every Night
  3. Dumdum Geschoß (Dumdum Bullet)
  4. You Can't Beat the Feeling B
  5. Slamersong
  6. Izrael
  7. Schlendrian (Spend)
  8. Soviel was ich sah (So Much of What I Saw)
  9. Hopla He
  10. Schampuuu-Schaum (Shampooo-Foam)
  11. Finale
  12. Unter dem Pflaster (Under The Pavements)
  13. Du findest keine Ruh (You Can't Find Rest)
  14. Revolution 89