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Developer(s) Demicron
Stable release
5.0.26 / November 2008
Operating system Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Type 3D computer graphics software
License Proprietary
Website http://www.demicron.com/wirefusion/

Demicron WireFusion an authoring tool for creating interactive Web3D presentations. A typical work flow consists of loading a 3D model, configuring/optimizing the 3D model and lastly adding widgets and logic to the presentation. The 3D model is created in a 3D modeling program, like 3DS Max, Maya or any other 3D modeling program that can export as X3D or VRML. The resulting presentations can run in browsers supporting Java 1.1+.

It is developed by Demicron AB, based in Solna, Sweden.


WireFusion 1.0 was released in 2000. This release was intended to be an alternative to Flash, for creating 2D animations and also interactive 3D graphics. The latter required a plug-in for WireFusion, WF-3D. With the release of WireFusion 2.0, no plug-in was needed to create 3D presentations. With the releases that followed, the focus was shifted more and more towards the creation of 3D presentations. Today, WireFusion is to be considered a pure 3D presentation authoring tool.

Key Application Features[edit]

  • Imports 3D models specified in X3D and VRML Format
  • Supports pure Java software rendering or OpenGL rendering using JOGL
  • Full scene anti-aliasing

Supported Operating Systems[edit]

  • Authoring tool runs on any platform supporting Java 1.6+
  • Player runs on any platform supporting Java 1.1+

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