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A wire is a strand of drawn metal used especially in electrical conductors and fencing. It may also refer to:


Note: These terms are often shortened to simply wire, wires or wired.

  • Wire service, a journalism-jargon term for news agency (a newswire or wire service)
  • Wire tap, police jargon for covert telephone listening device
  • Wire transfer, a method of sending money directly between banks
  • Wire, a covert listening device worn as a wire under a person's clothes
  • Wire, an informal term for a telegraph, or the act of using a telegraph


Types of wire[edit]

Computer networking and telecommunications[edit]

  • Wire data, data on the wire in a communications system or protocol
  • Wire protocol, a method of transmitting data
  • Wire (software), an instant messaging application that supports voice and video calling


  • Wíres José de Souza, a Brazilian football (soccer) player, often referred to as simply "Wires"
  • Nicky Wire, lyricist, bassist and occasional vocalist with the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers

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