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A man playing a version of the wire loop game.

A wire loop game is a game which involves guiding a metal loop (a 'probe') along a serpentine length of wire without touching the loop to the wire.[1] The loop and wire are connected to a power source in such a way that, if they touch, they form a closed electric circuit. The circuit is connected to a light or sound-emitting device of some sort, so that when the loop and the wire touch, the light-emitting device will light up, and the sound-emitting device will make a sound, traditionally a buzzing noise. In commercial implementations of the game the wire is usually bent along a single axis.[1]

Virtual versions of this game exist, in which the pointer takes the place of the wire loop and must be guided down a narrow, twisting path without touching the sides. Both versions require well-developed hand-eye coordination. The difficulty of any particular game depends in part on the shape of the twisted wire and the size of the loop.


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