Wireless informatics

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Wireless informatics describes the evolution of traditional customer support practices within the mobile industry from problem management to problem prevention. Wireless informatics 'methodologies' are being adopted by mobile operators, device manufacturers and service providers as a means of overcoming the negative impact of service and technology complexity on both operating costs and customer/brand loyalty.

Because added complexity across mobile technologies coupled with a rise in market competition makes managing the mobile user experience through traditional support channels an increasingly complex and potentially costly business, Wireless informatics supports the notion of using collating, validating and disseminating knowledge, best practices and experiences throughout the mobile value-chain as a means of mitigating end-user support requirements. For example, trends analysis made within an existing customer care center can be applied 'upstream', perhaps within the organisation's product management or retail division to eliminate a troublesome component, service etc. before the problem erupts and drives a costly spike in support calls.