Wirpirk of Tengling

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Wirpirk of Tengling or Virpirka, Wilburga, Hildburga was the wife of Conrad I of Bohemia and the Duchess of Bohemia in 1092. She was the daughter of Sieghard of Tengling.

Wirpirk married Conrad in 1054. By his marriage she had two children:

Conrad came to power over Moravia gradually. King Vratislaus II of Bohemia naturally did not like it and besieged Brno in 1091. But it came to rebellion in the royal army, led by King's son Břetislaus. Wirpirk, reputedly on her own initiative, went to Vratislaus camp and asked for quarter for her husband and nephew.

In the end Vratislaus agreed that Conrad will be his heir (but Conrad ruled just only for a very short time).


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Wirpirk of Tengling
Royal titles
Preceded by
Świętosława of Poland
Duchess consort of Bohemia
Succeeded by
Lukarta of Bogen