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Wirth is a German surname which may refer to any of the following individuals:

Business, politics, and military[edit]

  • Andrew Wirth (born 1963), American businessman
  • Christian Wirth (1885–1944), German Nazi SS concentration camp commander involved in the Action T4 program and Operation Reinhard
  • Conrad L. Wirth (1899–1993), American administrator
  • John L. Wirth (1917–1945), American Naval officer
  • Joseph Wirth (1879–1956), Chancellor and Finance Minister of Germany
  • Kelley Wirth, American politician
  • Theodore Wirth (1863–1949), Swiss-American horticulturalist
  • Tim Wirth (born 1939), former United States Senator and leader of the United Nations Foundation

Arts, media and television[edit]


Science and engineering[edit]


  • James Wirth (1830–1871), German Roman Catholic religious brother
  • John Wirth (historian) (1936–2002), American historian and university professor
  • Louis Wirth (1897–1952), American sociologist of German origin and member of the Chicago School
  • Oswald Wirth (1860–1943), Swiss tarot writer and occultist
  • Theodore Wirth (1863–1949), Swiss-born, horticulturalist, architect of Minneapolis park system

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