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Wisłoka in Pilzno
Wisłoka in Mielec

The Wisłoka is a river in south-eastern Poland, a tributary of the Vistula river, with a length of 164 kilometres (102 miles) (26th longest) and the basin area of 4,110 square kilometres (1,587 sq mi). The highest elevations reach an altitude of 370 metres (1,213.91 ft), while the lowest point in the valley of the river Wisłoka lies at an altitude of 250 metres (820.21 ft) above sea level.[1]

Towns and townships around Wisłoka[edit]


Tributaries of the Wisłoka include:

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Coordinates: 50°26′16″N 21°23′07″E / 50.43778°N 21.38528°E / 50.43778; 21.38528