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Wisconsin Bell, Inc.
Private (Subsidiary of AT&T)
Industry Telecommunications
Successor Ameritech, then SBC (now AT&T), CenturyLink
Founded 1882
Headquarters Milwaukee, WI, USA
Area served
Key people
Scott VanderSanden, President
Products POTS, DSL, U-Verse (FTTN)
Number of employees
5,000 (2006)
Parent American Bell (1882-1899)
AT&T (1899-1983)
Ameritech (1984-1999)
SBC/AT&T (1999-present)
Website www.att.com

Wisconsin Bell, Inc. (known as Wisconsin Telephone Co. before 1984) is the name of the Bell Operating Company serving Wisconsin. It is owned by AT&T through AT&T Teleholdings, originally known as Ameritech.

Wisconsin Telephone logo, 1921-1939

Their headquarters is at 722 North Broadway, Milwaukee, WI. After the 1984 Bell System Divestiture, Wisconsin Bell became a part of Ameritech, one of the 7 original Bell Regional Holding Companies.

In 1985, Wisconsin Bell began to purchase digital switching equipment from Siemens for its 1.6 million customers. In 1989, the change had been completed, and it became the first Ameritech company to use solely electronic switching equipment.[1]

The Wisconsin Bell name continued to be used until September 1993 when Ameritech dropped all of their individual Bell Operating Company names in favor of using their corporate name for marketing purposes. Wisconsin Bell started doing business as Ameritech Wisconsin.

In 1998, Ameritech sold 19 Wisconsin Bell exchanges, primarily located in central and northern Wisconsin, to CenturyTel, now CenturyLink. Those exchanges were transferred to CenturyLink's subsidiary CenturyTel of the Midwest-Kendall.[2]

In 2001, Wisconsin Bell began doing business as SBC Ameritech Wisconsin. In 2002, it began doing business as SBC Wisconsin. In 2005, it adopted the trade name AT&T Wisconsin and continues to do business as such to this day. Its corporate name has remained the same.

After being held by AT&T (pre-1984), Ameritech, and SBC, as of 2005, they are now part of the "new" AT&T.


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