Wisconsin Historical Museum

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Wisconsin Historical Museum
Location30 N. Carroll Street
Madison, Wisconsin
 United States
TypeHistorical museum
DirectorJennifer Kolb
OwnerWisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Museum is a museum located on the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin.

The museum, which features information about the history of Wisconsin, is operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. In addition to Wisconsin history, it provides information about other American history topics through artifacts, photographs, full-scale dioramas, audio-visual presentations, and interactive multimedia programs. In late 2004, the museum's existence was threatened due to budget cuts,[1] but citing its role in the state's history, Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle restored its funding.[2]

In addition to exhibits about traditional aspect of the state's history, the museum has also offered an exhibition on malted milk, which was first made in Wisconsin,[3] and includes in its permanent collection a Big Boy, the mascot of a hamburger chain,[4] rescued in 1985 when its restaurant closed.[5] The museum also opened in 2012 an exhibit about Smart Studios, a Madison recording facility that closed in 2010.[6]


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