Wisconsin Senate, District 1

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Senate District 1
Type District of the Upper House
Region served
The Door Peninsula
Frank Lasee (R)
Parent organization
Wisconsin Legislature
Website Official Site

The 1st District of the Wisconsin Senate is located in Eastern Wisconsin, and is currently composed of Door, Kewaunee, and Calumet Counties. The district does not contain, but is adjacent to the Green Bay area.[1]

Current elected officials[edit]

Frank Lasee is the senator serving the 1st district. He was elected in 2010 to a four-year term. Before serving as a senator, he held an office in the State Assembly. His cousin Alan previously held the senate seat for the 1st district.[2]

The area of the 1st Senate District contains three State Assembly Districts:[3]

The district is also located within Wisconsin's 8th congressional district, which is represented by U.S. Representative Reid Ribble.[4][5]

Past senators[edit]

At Wisconsin statehood, the Senate had only 19 districts. The 1st District consisted of Brown, Calumet, Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties.[6] It elected:

For the 1853 session, the Senate was expanded to 25 members, and the 1st District lost Brown County. The new District elected:

For the 1859 session, the Senate was again expanded, to 30 members, and the District was reduced to Sheboygan County alone (the rest of the district became the new 19th District); the new 1st District elected:

As of 1862, the Senate expanded to 33 seats, a size it would retain well into the 21st century; the 1st District remained unchanged. It elected:

The Senate was totally redistricted in 1876; Sheboygan County was now part of the 20th Senate District (along with part of Fond du Lac County). The new 1st District was made up of Door Kewaunee, Oconto and Shawano counties, which had previously been part of the 2nd and 8th Districts. This completely new district elected:

Note: the boundaries of districts have changed over history. Previous politicians of a specific numbered district have represented a different geographic area, due to redistricting.

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