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Type of site
College note sharing
Owner Isleptthroughclass.com, LLC
Created by Ryan Sapp
Website www.wisecampus.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 14,392,782 (November 2013)[1]
Registration required
Launched September 2007

WiseCampus.com, originally named Isleptthroughclass.com, is a free college note sharing website, founded in September 2007 by University of Dayton student Ryan Sapp.[2] The site allows any college or university student to freely access a database of accumulated lecture notes. In addition to the site's free note sharing capability it also provides monetary rewards to students who post their own class notes.[3]

This site is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana leasing space in a warehouse from Access Garage Doors.[4]

Note sharing[edit]

Any student who signs up to the website is granted full access to view all of the shared notes from any college or university in the United States.[5] Members may also participate in uploading their own documents where they can receive incentives based upon the number of documents they submit. Upon submission notes are viewed and determined acceptable based on the clarity of the content.[6]


Based on the activity of the user, members can earn points for their participation within the site. Ways to earn points include posting acceptable notes, starting blog threads, inviting friends, logging in and commenting on previously posted blog topics. Once enough points are acquired members can visit the sites giftcard catalog where they can purchase with their points a variety of online giftcards.[7] According to WiseCampus.com, the earning potential for its members is unlimited; as long as members are submitting acceptable notes and actively participating, they can be rewarded an infinite number of times.

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