Wiseblood (band)

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Genres Industrial, electronic, noise-rock
Years active 1985–1991
Labels K.422, Wax Trax! Records, Relativity Records, Big Cat Records
Associated acts PragVEC, Foetus, the Immaculate Consumptive, Flesh Volcano, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, Swans
Past members J. G. Thirlwell
Roli Mosimann

Wiseblood was an electronic/noise-rock band formed by Clint Ruin (a.k.a. J. G. Thirlwell) and Roli Mosimann, existing intermittently from 1985 through the early 1990s. In Ruin's words, Wiseblood was "violent macho American [music] made by non-Americans".[1] The duo's material tended toward the realm of the darkest and most sexual Foetus songs, with Mosimann's Swans lineage showing in the slow, crushing pacing of many tracks. Thematically, Wiseblood's lyrics centered on the misanthropic exertion of power, typically via murder, sex or assault.


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Compilation appearances[edit]

  • "Cough'N'Kill" on Plow! (1985, Organik)

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