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Private Company
IndustryWeb hosting, Domain Name Registrar, Email, E-Commerce, SSL certificates, Information Technology
FoundedFebruary, 2015
FounderJean-Désiré Kammogné

Wise Host is a Canadian-based privately owned web hosting company and domain name registrar that provides shared, reseller, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting.


Wise Host entered the dedicated and hosted applications market in 2014, and began offering web hosting services to customers in 2013, through its first registered domain. It was officially founded in Canada by Jean Desire Kammogne in 2015.

It is the web hosting and cloud computing business. WiseHost began as a technology consulting business in January 2013. In its first few years, the company focused on systems programming services and web app development.

WiseHost is now a web-hosting company with a significant presence within Canada. The company hosts over 25,000 websites and is currently experiencing significant viral growth. .[2] Its servers are housed in a datacenter facility located in downtown Chicago Illinois.[3]

In addition to being a domain name registrar, WiseHost provides web services like web-hosting, website design, and online marketing (including search engine optimization and pay-per-click management).

Web hosting[edit]

WiseHost's shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting network consists of Apache, nginx and lighttpd web servers running on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.[4] WiseHost also offers cloud storage and computing services for entrepreneurs and developers.


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