Wiset Chai Chan District

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Wiset Chai Chan
Statue of Chaopraya Wiseschaicharn
Statue of Chaopraya Wiseschaicharn
Amphoe location in Ang Thong Province
Amphoe location in Ang Thong Province
Coordinates: 14°35′40″N 100°20′19″E / 14.59444°N 100.33861°E / 14.59444; 100.33861Coordinates: 14°35′40″N 100°20′19″E / 14.59444°N 100.33861°E / 14.59444; 100.33861
Country Thailand
Province Ang Thong
 • Total 224.7 km2 (86.8 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 65,298
 • Density 290/km2 (750/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 14110
Geocode 1506

Wiset Chai Chan (Thai: วิเศษชัยชาญ, pronounced [wí.sèːt t͡ɕʰāj t͡ɕʰāːn]) is a district (amphoe) in the southwestern part of Ang Thong Province, central Thailand.


When King Naresuan the Great defeated the Burmese troops at Don Chedi, he led his troops past Phai Cham Sin. He saw the strategic potential of the area with the Noi River as a natural obstacle for the Burmese troops. Thus he established Mueang Wiset Chai Chan there.

In the Rattanakosin era, the Noi River had become shallow and was no longer convenient for water transportation. The government thus moved the central tambon of the mueang to Bang Kaeo, on the Chao Phraya River bank and called the new area Ang Thong. At the same time, they downgraded the district to Phai Cham Sin District. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) ordered the district to assume its historical name, Wiset Chai Chan. In 1979 the office district was moved to the Pho Phraya-Tha Rua Road in Tambon San Chao Rong Thong.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Samko, Pho Thong, Mueang Ang Thong, and Pa Mok of Ang Thong Province, Phak Hai of Ayutthaya Province and Mueang Suphanburi and Si Prachan of Suphanburi Province.


The district is divided into 15 sub-districts (tambon). There are two townships (thesaban tambon) within the district. San Chao Rong Thong covers parts of tambon San Chao Rong Thong and Phai Cham Sin, and Bang Chak covers parts of the tambon Bang Chak, Khlong Khanak, and Si Roi.

No. Name Thai
1. Phai Cham Sin ไผ่จำศิล
2. San Chao Rong Thong ศาลเจ้าโรงทอง
3. Phai Dam Phatthana ไผ่ดำพัฒนา
4. Sao Rong Hai สาวร้องไห้
5. Tha Chang ท่าช้าง
6. Yi Lon ยี่ล้น
7. Bang Chak บางจัก
8. Huai Khan Laen ห้วยคันแหลน
9. Khlong Khanak คลองขนาก
10. Phai Wong ไผ่วง
11. Si Roi สี่ร้อย
12. Muang Tia ม่วงเตี้ย
13. Hua Taphan หัวตะพาน
14. Lak Kaeo หลักแก้ว
15. Talat Mai ตลาดใหม่


  1. Statue of Chaopraya Wiseschaicharn (Dok and Thongkaew)