Wish (Yuna Ito album)

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Studio album by Yuna Ito
Released 20 February 2008 (Japan)
Genre J-Pop
Length 1:07:06
Label Studioseven Recordings, Sony Music Japan
Producer Kenji Tamai, John Shanks, Micro
Yuna Ito chronology
CD + DVD cover
Singles from Wish
  1. "I'm Here"
    Released: 14 March 2007
  2. "Mahaloha"
    Released: 27 June 2007
  3. "Urban Mermaid"
    Released: 24 October 2007
  4. "A World to Believe In"
    Released: 16 January 2008

Wish is the second studio album by Japanese-pop singer Yuna Ito. The album was released on 20 February 2008 on Studioseven Recordings, Sony Music Japan. Wish was released in two versions, CD-only and CD-DVD version. In its first week 49,000 copies were sold. Wish has been certified gold by RIAJ for shipment of 100,000 copies in Japan.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Power of Love
  2. Alone Again
  3. "あなたがいる限り: A World to Believe In" (Anata ga Iru Kagiri: A World to Believe In)
  4. "Urban Mermaid"
  5. "Heartbeat"
  6. "Colorful"
  7. "Unite As One" 
  8. "Mahaloha"
  9. "A Long Walk"
  10. "Moon Rabbit"
  11. "I'm Here"
  12. "Wish"
  13. "Tokyo Days"
  14. "My Heart Will Go On" (Bonus)


  1. I'm Here PV
  2. Mahaloha PV
  3. Urban Mermaid PV
  4. "あなたがいる限り: A World to Believe In" (Anata ga Iru Kagiri: A World to Believe In PV)


  1. "I'm Here" was used as the theme song for アンフェア: the movie (Unfair: The Movie).
  2. "Urban Mermaid" was used in Japan's Lux shampoo commercial.
  3. "あなたがいる限り: A World to Believe In" (Anata ga Iru Kagiri: A World to Believe In) was used in au LISMO commercial.
  4. "Tokyo Days" was used in Japan's Proactiv Solution commercial, which featured Yuna Ito.
  5. "Colorful" was used as the theme song for Fuji Television's Mezamashi Doyoubi.
  6. "Unite As One" was used as the ending theme song for Konami's Nintendo DS game Time Hollow: 奪われた過去を求めて (Time Hollow: Ubawareta Kako wo Motomete).

Chart performance[edit]

Oricon sales chart (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak position Sales total Chart run
February 20, 2008 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 3
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 3 49,095 [1] 15+ weeks
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 10
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 96 103,405

Billboard (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position Chart Run
February 20, 2008 Billboard Japan Hot 100 4 2 weeks


Date Title Peak position Sales Total Weeks
14 March 2007 "I'm Here" 15 36,634 41 weeks
27 June 2007 "Mahaloha" 5 43,233 37 weeks
24 October 2007 "Urban Mermaid" 10 23,833 42 weeks
16 January 2008 "A World to Believe In (あなたがいる限り: A World to Believe In"?) (Anata ga Iru Kagiri: A World to Believe In) 8 24,105 29 weeks