Wish WSZ

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Role Multirotor
National origin China
Manufacturer Wish Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd.
Status In service
Primary user China

WSZ UAV is a series of Chinese multirotor UAV developed by Shandong Wish Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. (Wish, 山东卫士植保机械有限公司) for agricultural applications.


WSZ-1805 is a multirotor with 18 rotors, and able to carry a maximum payload twice its own weight. WSZ-1805 has six Y shaped arms each has three rotors, two of which are mounted at the tips of the Y, and a third rotor is mounted at the midpoint of the bottom half of the Y arm. Specification:[1]

  • Empty eight: 6 kg without the battery
  • Max takeoff weight: 18 kg including battery
  • Normal payload: 7 kg
  • Dimension: < 1 m ecluding the propeller


WSZ-2410 is the other UAV developed by Wish, and it is a multirotor with 24 rotors. Wish has earned eleven patents over the course of the development of WSZ-2410 and its smaller cousin WSZ-1805.[2] WSZ-241- has been successfully deployed in Beijing in 2013 by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture in pest control applications for local corn fields.[3]

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