Wishing for Happiness

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WishingfFor Happiness
Studio album 想幸福的人 by Rainie Yang
Released 17 August 2012 (2012-08-17)
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Sony Music Taiwan
Rainie Yang chronology
Longing for...
(2011)Longing for...2011
Wishing for Happiness
Angel Wings
(2013)Angel Wings2013

Wishing for Happiness (Chinese: 想幸福的人; pinyin: Xiang Xing Fu De Ren) is the seventh Mandarin studio album of Taiwanese Mandopop artist Rainie Yang (Chinese: 楊丞琳). It was released on 17 August 2012 by Sony Music Taiwan and the pre-order albums Forget the Tears and Forget to Smile editions. In this album, the song "忘了" (Forgotten) is the title track of the album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "忘了" (Forgotten)
  2. "想幸福的人" (Wishing for Happiness)
  3. "離開動物園" (Escape)
  4. "未來哈囉" (Hello! Future)
  5. "不要對自己說謊" (Don't Lie to Yourself)
  6. "愛。啟程" (Journey of Love)
  7. "自作自受" (My Fault)
  8. "一萬零一種可能" (Possibilities)
  9. "不敢說的懷念" (Missing You)
  10. "少年維特的煩惱" (My Dear)
  11. (Bonus track)"王見王 "(feat. Show Lo) (When the King Meets the Queen)

Music videos[edit]

Song Release Date Ref
(Bonus track) "王見王" (feat. Show Lo) (When the King Meets the Queen) 15 April 2012 [1]
"忘了" (Forgotten) 29 July 2012 [2]
"想幸福的人" (Wishing for Happiness) 16 August 2012 [3]
"未來哈囉" (Hello! Future) 29 August 2012 [4]
"少年維特的煩惱" (My Dear) 16 September 2012 [5]
"自作自受" (My Fault) 5 November 2012 [6]


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