Wit-Kei River

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White Kei River
Name origin: From kei, the word for "water" in the Khoekhoe language
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape Province
Source Stormberg
 - elevation 1,500 m (4,921 ft)
Source confluence Swart-Kei / Wit-Kei
Mouth Confluence with Black Kei River
 - elevation 540 m (1,772 ft)
 - coordinates 32°13′34″S 27°30′36″E / 32.22611°S 27.51000°E / -32.22611; 27.51000Coordinates: 32°13′34″S 27°30′36″E / 32.22611°S 27.51000°E / -32.22611; 27.51000
Location of the White Kei River mouth

The White Kei River or Wit-Kei River (Afrikaans: Wit-Keirivier) is a river in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It originates north of Queenstown, beginning its course as the Grootvleispruit river and eventually joining the Black Kei River, to form the Great Kei River.[1]

The Xonxa Dam is located in the White Kei River. Presently this river is part of the Mzimvubu to Keiskama Water Management Area.[2]

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