Witch Hunt (1994 film)

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Witch Hunt
  • Crime
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
Written byJoseph Dougherty
Directed byPaul Schrader
Music byAngelo Badalamenti
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Joseph Dougherty (co-executive producer)
CinematographyJean-Yves Escoffier
Editor(s)Kristina Boden
Running time100 min.
Production company(s)
Original networkHBO
Picture formatColor
Audio formatDolby SR
Original release
  • December 10, 1994 (1994-12-10)

Witch Hunt (1994) is an HBO fantasy detective television film directed by Paul Schrader and starring Dennis Hopper[1] and Eric Bogosian.[2] The film, written by Joseph Dougherty,[3] is a sequel to the 1991 film Cast a Deadly Spell. The original music score was composed by Angelo Badalamenti.[3]


Hopper stars as 1950s hardboiled private detective H. Phillip Lovecraft, in a fictional universe where magic is real, monsters and mythical beasts stalk the back alleys, zombies are used as cheap labor, and everyone—except Lovecraft—uses magic every day. Yet, cars, telephones and other modern technology also exist in this world.

Witch Hunt takes place in the 1950s during the red scare, in which magic is substituted for communism.

It is a sequel to the HBO-produced film Cast a Deadly Spell. Hopper plays Lovecraft in place of Fred Ward. Additionally, many characters have different back-stories than in Cast a Deadly Spell. For example, Lovecraft refuses to use magic in Cast a Deadly Spell on principle, but in Witch Hunt he refuses because of a bad experience he has had.



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