With All of My Heart – The Greatest Hits

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With All Of My Heart - The Greatest Hits
Greatest hits album by ZOEgirl
Released December 27, 2005
Label Sparrow
ZOEgirl chronology
Room to Breathe
With All of My Heart - The Greatest Hits
Singles from this album
  1. "Unchangeable"
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Christianity Today 2.5/5 stars [1]

With All of My Heart – The Greatest Hits is the first and only compilation album released by ZOEgirl and their seventh album overall. It is named after their first No. 1 radio single, "With All of My Heart".


Two new tracks were added to With All of My heart: Unchangeable, which was released as a single, and One Day. All other tracks were previously recorded on another album: two are from their self-tiled album, four are from Life album, four are from Different Kind of Free, and three are from Room to Breathe. Most of these are the same as their original version, with a few exceptions:

  • On the Life album, "With All of My Heart" includes a 48-second introduction to the album. On this compilation album, this was removed.
  • "I Believe", from ZOEgirl's self-title album, has been extended by 10 seconds at the very end, although there are no vocals in the extra seconds.
  • "Beautiful Name", originally appearing on Different Kind of Free, is extended by five seconds. Similarly to "I Believe", no vocals can be heard during this extension.
  • "Give Me One Reason" is 25 seconds longer than the original, because the chorus has been repeated once more towards the end.
  • The version of "Plain" recorded on the Life album had a 27-second segue at the end. The track on this compilation album, however, cuts this segue, making the song fade out sooner much like the radio single version.
  • "Dead Serious" on Room to Breathe ends at 3:01 and only features the song itself. On this compilation album, the track is placed before "Different Kind of Free", the title track of the album with the same name. "Contagious", a song from the FREE album, featured a 52-second segue from Mat Kearney that was played before the title track. Since "Contagious" is excluded from this compilation album, the segue has been placed at the end of "Dead Serious" instead.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "With All of My Heart" (from Life)
  2. "I Believe" (from ZOEgirl)
  3. "One Day" (new song)
  4. "You Get Me" (from Different Kind of Free)
  5. "About You" (from Room to Breathe)
  6. "Unchangeable" (new song)
  7. "Dismissed" (from Life)
  8. "Beautiful Name" (from Different Kind of Free)
  9. "Give Me One Reason" (from ZOEgirl)
  10. "Plain" (from Life)
  11. "Scream" (from Room to Breathe)
  12. "Even If" (from Life)
  13. "Feel Alright" (from Different Kind of Free)
  14. "Dead Serious" (from Room to Breathe)
  15. "Different Kind of Free" (from Different Kind of Free)

Chart performance[edit]

  • No. 42 - Billboard Christian