With Love... Hilary Duff

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With Love... Hilary Duff
With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff.jpg
Promotional poster for "With Love... Hilary Duff".
Fragrance by Hilary Duff
TypeWomen's fragrance
LabelElizabeth Arden
SuccessorWrapped With Love

"With Love... Hilary Duff" is the first fragrance by American singer and actress Hilary Duff. It is distributed by the Elizabeth Arden company. "With Love...Hilary Duff" was one of the three best-selling fragrances launched at U.S. department stores in late 2006. The fragrance was made available in larger UK department stores and was further expanded to Canada and Japan among other countries.

The fragrance was supported by a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, including commercials, a music video for a Duff single, "With Love", and multifarious talk-show appearances.[1] The commercial for "With Love... Hilary Duff" doubles as the music video for Duff's 2007 single "With Love", which was released to MTV in February 2007. Kellan Lutz was featured in the commercial. The commercial premiered on MTV as a sixty-second cut and there is a shorter version that is fifteen seconds long. It features Duff being chased by a man, and Duff is later seen wearing a wig in an elevator. The man follows her into the elevator and they begin to embrace, but the elevator cables break and it crashes downward. The screen turns white with the words "To Be Continued..." and it ends.


According to the official website for the fragrance, the bottle was designed by Duff herself and she had hands on advisory on how it should smell. She told the Houston Chronicle that she enjoyed the process of developing the fragrance enough that she would like to become a full-time perfumer in the future.[2] In 2006 Hilary was quoted 'I wanted to create a fragrance that is pleasing and embodies my sense of style and personality. A fragrance that everyone will enjoy... including me.'[3]


Sparkle: The fragrance begins with a sparkling top of sultry, succulent mangosteen fruit, inviting you in. An exotic blend of spices hints at the warmth that begins to unfold.

Inner Glow: The heart of the fragrance adds a tropical mangosteen blossom to make a luminous scent, welcoming you. Cocobolo wood, an exotic wood prized for its rare beauty, adds texture and warmth.

Warmth: The seductive base of sheer amber milk and sultry amber musk captures you, leaving a lingering trail of dramatic signature.


With Love... Hilary Duff was nominated for Best Celebrity Women's Fragrance in The 8th Annual Basenotes Awards. The fragrance competed against 10 other finalists in the category. The category was won by M by Mariah Carey.[4]


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