With My Own Two Wheels

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With My Own Two Wheels
Directed byJacob and Isaac Seigel-Boettner
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With My Own Two Wheels is a 2010 film by brothers Jacob and Isaac Seigel-Boettner about the transformational power of bicycles.[1] It was screened at the Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, Colorado.[2]


It focuses on five individuals from around the world: Fred, a caregiver from Zambia who rides from village to village visiting AIDS patients; Carlos in Guatemala, who invented a pedal-powered device that offers a small-scale alternative to diesel-fueled machines; Sharkey, who avoids gang life by working in a Santa Barbara, California neighborhood bike shop; Bharati, a young girl in India who gets an education because she has a bicycle to ride to school; and Mirriam, a bike mechanic in Ghana stricken with Polio.[3]


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