With a Little Help from Our Friends

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With a Little Help From Our Friends
Studio album by Bob & Tom
Released 1989
Genre Comedy
Label Big Mouth Creative Services, Inc.
Producer Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold
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With a Little Help From Our Friends
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With a Little Help From Our Friends is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, which was first released in December 1989.

This is a single CD/cassette presenting original material that was recorded during their daily radio show (long before going into syndication), as well as other studio numbers that had not been previously presented on air.

Track Listings[edit]

Side A
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Bob & Tom's Almost All-Star Band/With A Little Help From Our Friends" The Beatawfuls  
2. "Arnie's Revenge" Arnie Whiskey  
3. "Eighteen Wheels On A Big Rig" Heywood Banks  
4. "The Alter-Ego" David Strassman & "Chuck Wood"  
5. "The Love Brothers Do Eighteen Holes" The Love Brothers  
6. "Buttman" Warren Piece & The Baloney Ponies (Featuring Chick McGee  
7. "Moseying Between Brain Halves" Jeff Marder  
8. "The Exxon Song" The Northside Travel Club  
9. "Technology" Steve Altman  
10. "Son of the Rooster Song" Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis & The Doggy Stylistics  
11. "Dating" Vic Dunlop  
12. "Mr. Griswold" Ricky Rydell  
13. "Elvis Lives (Again)" Dave Wilson  
14. "The Girl Named Pat Carlini" The Deanos  
15. "On Vacation" Dave Dugan  
16. "Tom Griswold at Parties" Hadji Productions  
17. "Jerry's World" Jerry Elliot  
18. "Bakker Acres" Tom Griswold and Ricky Rydell  
19. "Sports" Brian Kiley  
20. "The Dog & Chick Polka" Frank Yankovian & The Wankers  
21. "Do You Hunt?" Brad Garrett  
22. "Nick's Lunch" Nick Aragua  
Side B
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Blow Me a Kiss" Ricky Rydell as Dean & Jerry  
2. "Tom Whiskey Frontier Movie Producer" Tom Whiskey  
3. "I Pledge My Devotion to Bob & Tom" Heywood Banks  
4. "We Don't Need No Stinking Lyrics" The Deanos  
5. "The Truth About Chic Perrin" John Fox  
6. "Q-Speak" Nick Aragua  
7. "Tommy Dearest" Chick McGee  
8. "Attention Nazis" Dick & Hadji  
9. "The Real Sgt. Pepper's Story" The Love Brothers  
10. "Bob & Tom's Almost All-Star Band (Reprise)" The Beatawfuls  
11. "Her Majesty's Carlini" The Deanos  
12. "It's Christmas & I Wonder Where I Am" Dudley Moron  
13. "Griswold, The Handsome Genius" Tommy G & The Junior Tom-Tones  
14. "An Armenian Christmas" Yule Blojovian & The Mad Armenians  
15. "Hadji's Eight Days of Christmas" Dick & Hadji  
16. "A Sportscaster's Christmas" Keith Jackson  
17. "You Ain't Gettin' Diddley Squat" Heywood Banks