Withrow Court

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Withrow Court
Withrow Courts.jpg
Front view of Withrow Courts on North Campus of Miami University
Withrow Court is located in Ohio
Withrow Court
Location within Ohio
General information
Architectural style Georgian Style
Location Oxford, Ohio
Country United States of America
Coordinates 39°30′44.79″N 84°44′2.70″W / 39.5124417°N 84.7340833°W / 39.5124417; -84.7340833
Current tenants Miami University men's and women's intramural sports and other activities.
Construction started 1931
Inaugurated 13 February 1932
Demolished 2016
Cost 300,000 US Dollars
Client Miami University students
Owner Miami University
Other information
Seating capacity 3500

Withrow Court was the intramural sports gymnasium at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. It consisted of the original structure and the additional wings that were added on. The main gym consisted of 3 basketball/volley courts. The South Gym was the indoor tennis court and the North Gym is the gymnastic studio. There were 2 aerobics/combative rooms, along with 8 racquetball courts, 2 squash courts, and 2 classrooms. There was balcony seating in the gyms and there were men’s and women’s locker rooms [1]


Until spring 2016, Withrow Court held the Miami University Archives. The Archives consists of all Miami University buildings and important information and records about the history of Miami. The Western College Memorial Archives were also kept in Withrow after being relocated from Peabody Hall, on Western Campus. There are many different records from photos to letters. For example, you can find letters of acceptance or denial to the dedication of Withrow Court in these Archives.[2] Also, there was an original photo of Withrow Court that was taken by Frank R. Snyder.[3]

The Archives merged with the Walter Havighurst Special Collections in King Library.


Withrow Court was built in 1931 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. It was planned to be the men’s gymnasium and assembly hall. It used to be the Main Varsity Basketball Arena. Withrow Court was dedicated on February 13, 1932 in memory of Dr. John M. Withrow. He was dedicated to improving health.[4] He was a trustee for Miami University for 46 years from 1885 until his death in Cincinnati on May 14, 1931.[5] Withrow Court was used as the main gymnasium until Millett Hall was built in 1968. He was a Miami student from 1870 to 1873. In 1884 he received his M.D. degree from Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati. He became a gynecology professor at this college from 1885 to 1895. He was honored with an A.M. degree in 1893 and an LL.D. degree in 1922 from the University.[6]

Dedication of building[edit]

Withrow Court dedication took place in Oxford on February 13, 1932. Dr. Alfred H. Upham was president of Miami University at the time. The dedication was to show support for the new physical education building at Miami University. The building costs were approximately $300,000 from the state of Ohio.[7] The main gymnasium was 175 by 88 and could be divided into 3 full size courts for intramural sports or competitions. There are temporary bleachers that can be placed in the gym and these seat about 3500 people.[8]

The first floor of the gymnasium consists of the locker and shower rooms, the varsity, visiting and freshman team rooms, faculty and officials locker and dressing rooms, store rooms, four handball courts and two squash courts. There were about 1200 lockers installed throughout. There was also a small gymnasium used for boxing, wrestling, and fencing. The first floor also had two large classrooms and staff offices. The gymnasium also had men and women restrooms throughout the building.[8]

There was a second dedication of the building on April 6, 1966.[9] This dedication was to show that Miami was changing their gymnasium for the better, to expand it. There were wings added onto the north, south and east ends of the building. This was in the original plans of Withrow Court, but obviously had to be spread over time.[10]



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