Witney and District League

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Witney and District League
Country England
Level on pyramidLevels 13–17
Feeder toOxfordshire Senior Football League

The Witney and District League is a football competition based in Oxfordshire, England. It has a total of five divisions headed by the Premier Division which sits at level 13 of the English football league system.


Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
2004-05 Carterton FC Nomads Millpark Bampton n/a
2005-06 Freeland Spartan Rangers Bampton Combe n/a
2006-07 Freeland Bampton Town Brize Norton Reserves Bampton Town Reserves n/a
2007-08 Brize Norton Witney Royals Bampton Town Reserves FC Chequers Chad Park
2008-09 Hailey Combe Junior Sports FC Chequers Witney Royals Reserves Carterton 'A'
2009-10 Hailey Wychwood Forest Chad Park Stanton Harcourt Witney Royals 'A'
2010-11 Hanborough North Leigh 'A' Stanton Harcourt Freeland 'A' Carterton Pumas
2011-12 Hailey West Witney Freeland 'A' Carterton Pumas Carterton Rangers
2012-13 West Witney Minster Lovell Carterton Pumas FC Hollybush Bourton Rovers
2013-14 West Witney Brize Norton Combe Junior Sports Carterton Town 'B' Tower Hill
2014-15 Carterton Town 'A' Bourton Rovers Stonesfield Sports Spartan Rangers Reserves Tower Hill Reserves
2015-16 Bourton Rovers Eynsham SSC Carterton Town 'B' Wychwood Forest Charlbury Reserves
2016-17 Hanborough FC Hollybush Tower Hill Bletchington Siege FC
2017–18 Hanborough Aston Bletchington Siege FC Carterton Town 'B'
2018–19 Charlbury Town Stonesfield Minster Lovell Reserves Carterton Town 'B' Chadlington Reserves

Member clubs 2018–19[edit]

The following list of teams are split divisionally in the levels competing in for the 2019–20 season.

  • Premier Division

Carterton | Carterton Rangers | Carterton Town 'A' | Charlbury Town | Hailey | Milton Increase | Minster Lovell | Spartan Rangers | Stonesfield Increase | Tower Hill

  • Division One

Bampton Utd | Bourton Rovers | Chadlington | Enstone Steady | Hailey Reserves | Kingham All Blacks Increase | Middle Barton | Minster Lovell Reserves Increase | Witney Royals

  • Division Two

Brize Norton | Carterton Reserves Steady | Carterton Town 'B' Increase | Charlbury Town Reserves | Ducklington | Eynsham SSC Decrease | Hook Norton Increase | Siege | Spartan Rangers Reserves Increase | Wootton Sports Increase

  • Division Three

Aston Decrease | Bletchington | Bourton Rovers Reserves | Chadlington Reserves Increase | Chipping Norton Town | FC Mills | Kingham All Blacks Reserves Increase | Stonesfield Reserves Increase | Witney Royals Reserves | Wootton Sports Reserves Increase

  • Division Four

Bampton Utd Reserves | Brize Norton Reserves | East Oxford Rangers Steady | FC Ascott | FC Ascott Rangers | Hailey 'A' Steady | Milton Reserves | Sherborne Harriers Steady | Spartan Rangers 'A' | Tower Hill Reserves Decrease

  • Key
    • Increase — Promoted last season
    • Decrease — Relegated last season
    • Steady — New side


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