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Witold Wojtkiewicz. Self Portrait

Witold Wojtkiewicz (1879, Warsaw - 1909, Warsaw) was a Polish neoromantic painter. He started his education at the Warsaw School of Drawing in 1898 and continued at the Academy in Kraków. His original and inventive work anticipated Polish Expressionism. Wojtkiewicz often employed grotesque motifs and irony in his work. He was influenced by the modernist paintings of Stanisław Wyspiański and Jacek Malczewski. In his art, he reflected the ideas of Romantic poets such as Cyprian Norwid and authors such as Stanisław Przybyszewski and Edward Abramowski, the originators of Polish Expressionist manifestos. He also worked as an illustrator and postcard designer. One of his most famous works was a watercolour entitled "Spring is Approaching." Witold Wojtkiewicz was a regular contributor to the legendary Zielony Balonik art-and-literary cabaret.[1]

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