Wittgenstein (film)

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Wittgenstein (film).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Derek Jarman
Produced by Tariq Ali
Takashi Asai
Ben Gibson
Eliza Mellor
Written by Ken Butler
Terry Eagleton
Derek Jarman
Cinematography James Welland
Edited by Budge Tremlett
Release date
17 September 1993 (1993-09-17)
Running time
75 minutes
Country Japan, UK
Language English

Wittgenstein is a 1993 film by the English director Derek Jarman. It is loosely based on the life story as well as the philosophical thinking of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. The adult Wittgenstein is played by Karl Johnson.

The original screenplay was by the literary critic Terry Eagleton. Jarman heavily rewrote the script during pre-production and shooting, radically altering the style and structure, although retaining much of Eagleton's dialogue. The story is not played out in a traditional setting, but rather against a black backdrop within which the actors and key props are placed, as if in a theatre setting.

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