Wivenhoe Park

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Wivenhoe Park, by John Constable

Wivenhoe Park is a multi-acre landscaped green space at the eastern edge of Colchester, England. It is the site of Wivenhoe House, a school offering courses in hospitality and luxury hotel.[1]

The park is the setting for one of Constable's landscape paintings. The painting was painted in the romantic era and shows crisp and tight brushstrokes, exhibiting Constable's young style. His later paintings exhibit looser, more painterly brushstrokes.

Since the 1960s, Wivenhoe Park has been home to the University of Essex.

The park is also host to a very large colony of rabbits.

Coordinates: 51°52′42″N 0°57′06″E / 51.87824°N 0.95173°E / 51.87824; 0.95173

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