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Industry Video game industry
Headquarters France
Products Graphic adventure games
Website www.wizarbox.com

Wizarbox is a video game developer based in France. They are notable for their graphic adventure games developed by industry veterans, such as the So Blonde series by Steve Ince (lead designer of Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon) and Gray Matter by Jane Jensen (lead designer of the Gabriel Knight series). The company declared bankruptcy in December 2012 and was placed in receivership by a French court.[1] Interaction-Games later acquired Wizarbox.[2]


Wizarbox had been porting video games by other companies to consoles since 2002's Arx Fatalis.[3] In 2007, they released their first in-house developed video game, So Blonde, written and designed by industry veteran Steve Ince.[4] The success of So Blonde[5] led to the development of the So Blonde: Back to the Island (an alternate reality scenario set during the events of the original game)[6] and the spin-off Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle.[7] After the troubled development of Gray Matter by Jane Jensen, they took over development of the title and released it in 2010.[8]


So Blonde was nominated for "best video game script" at the 2008 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards.[9]


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