The Wizard (DC Thomson)

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The Wizard
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Publication information
Publisher D. C. Thomson & Co.
Schedule Weekly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date 22 September 1922 – 16 November 1963
14 February 1970 – 10 June 1978
No. of issues 1,970

The Wizard was launched as a weekly British story paper on 22 September 1922, published by D. C. Thomson & Co. It was merged with The Rover in September 1963, becoming Rover and Wizard, and renamed The Rover in August 1969. The Wizard was relaunched on 14 February 1970, and continued until 10 June 1978, by which time 1,970 issues had been produced.[1]

Regular features[edit]

Wilson the Wonder Athlete[edit]

Wolf of Kabul[edit]

Ruthless Ruff[edit]

Fictional RFC flying ace of the Great War

The Blazing Ace Of Spades[edit]

Fictional RAF fighter pilot of the 2nd World War

THE Q TEAM[edit]

A football team assembled by the mysterious Ka


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