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Wizards' Realm is a role-playing game published by Mystic Swamp in 1981.


Wizards' Realm is a fantasy system with a simplified, back-to-basics approach.[1] Character creation employs a class-and-level system; classes include wizards, spellcasters, knights, and anti-paladins.[1] The combat system is quite simple.[1] The game includes maps, a sample town, and an introductory scenario.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Wizards' Realm was designed by Neils Erickson, Clifford Polite, and William G. Murphy, and published by Mystic Swamp in 1981 as a 64-page book with a map.[1] The second edition was published in 1983, with a ringbinder.[1]


Ronald Pehr reviewed Wizard's Realm in The Space Gamer No. 53.[2] Pehr commented that "Wizard's Realm can provide FRPG adventures in a satisfactory manner, but is not so fascinating, original, and detailed that people will abandon other games to come flocking. However, the price is right and someone shopping for a present for a neophyte FRPG devotee-to-be could do a whole lot worse."[2]

Lester W. Smith reviewed Wizard's Realm, Ringbinder Edition in The Space Gamer No. 75.[3] Smith commented that "I recommend the Wizard's Realm Ringbinder Edition for anyone interested in fantasy roleplaying. It contains everything needed for a campaign, and is worth considerably more than its price".[3]



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