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Wizz Fizz is an Australian brand of sherbet manufactured by Fyna Foods Australia Pty Ltd. It is available in 12.5g sachets, as very fine powder and sold at local convenience stores and supermarkets. Wizz Fizz is known for its small plastic spoon that allows consumption of the sherbet straight from the sachet.


Wizz Fizz packs from 1966 to 1996 had Disney characters, which in 2002 - 2007 were replaced with the characters "Screaming Mimi", "Weird Wally", "Gross Gus", "Nerdy Neil" and "Doctor Freak".[1] In 2011 the Wizz Fizz packs were relaunched based on a planet theme with intricate illustrations.

Wizz Fizz has proved an enduring brand.[2] Fyna Foods Australia Pty Ltd produces over 16 million sachets of Wizz Fizz each year from its Melbourne factory.


Products in the Wizz Fizz range include:

  • Wizz Fizz Original Sherbet.
  • Wizz Fizz Black and Orange Tongue.
  • Sherbet Cones, introduced in the 1970s and consisting of a wafer cone with marshmallow, hundreds and thousands and sherbet.
  • Wizz Fizz Lollipops.

Products in the previous Wizz Fizz Range include:

  • Ring FIzz, which contained a ring in the packet.
  • Blue Tongue Sherbet.
  • Sour Sherbet.
  • Strawberry Sherbet.
  • Cola Wizz Fizz.
  • Hoppy Pops, lollipops with sherbet mixed inside them, featuring 'Hop-a-long Cassidy' on the packaging[1]

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