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Original author(s) Chris Cannam
Stable release 4 / 1997-03-21
Written in C++
Operating system Unix-like
Type Window Manager
Website http://www.all-day-breakfast.com/wm2

wm2 is a minimalistic reparenting window manager for the X Window System written by Chris Cannam. It provides support for moving, resizing, and deleting windows, but does not support icons. In place of icons, wm2 allows for temporary hiding of windows from the desktop; hidden windows can be recovered via a menu from the root window. It does not offer support for interactive configurability, nor does it provide a virtual desktop and other features of modern window managers such as configurable root menus, toolbars, etc. Configuration options require editing and recompiling a source file and there are few options available. This lack of configuration options make wm2 perhaps one of the easiest to use window managers available.


wmx is a version of wm2 modified to add features such as virtual desktops and anti-aliased fonts via Xft. It is still maintained by its author.


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