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WMD may stand for:

In science and technology[edit]

  • Weapon of mass destruction, munitions with the capacity to kill large numbers of human beings indiscriminately
  • Weighted mean difference, a measure in statistical meta-analysis
  • Wiggle-match-dating, also known as Wiggle matching
  • The WYSIWYM Markdown editor, a JavaScript implementation of the Markdown language for HTML editing
  • WMD 1.0, Automated Trading Application developed by Fortress Star limited a subsidiary of Zenit Global Investment. SGX and CME certified.

In ecology[edit]

In transportation[edit]

In arts and entertainment[edit]

  • WMD, an online gaming community that spans across several games. Considered a "guild" or "clan"
  • "Wipe Me Down", a 2007 rap single by Lil Boosie