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Woburn Cricket Club was based at Woburn, Bedfordshire and briefly held major status, playing six known matches from 1743 to 1744, all of them against London Cricket Club. The club was formed by the then Duke of Bedford, who was an enthusiastic patron of cricket, and played its home matches at Woburn Park.


Woburn Park is first recorded as a venue in August 1741 when a Bedfordshire XI played a combined Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire XI in a minor match. This is, incidentally, the earliest recorded mention of cricket in the county of Bedfordshire. The Woburn club is first recorded on 27 May 1743 when it hosted London at Woburn Park and lost.[1] Woburn then defeated London twice in succession. The club's last known major match was at the Artillery Ground in 1744 but the result is unknown.[2]


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