Wodonga Saints Football Club

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Bethanga Football Club
Wodonga Saints Football Club
Full name Wodonga Saints Football Club
Nickname(s) Saints, Bethanga
Club details
Founded 1945
Colours Red, White & Black
Competition Tallangatta & District Football League
Ground(s) Martin Park (Wodonga)
Bethanga Football Ground

The Wodonga Saints Football Club is an Australian rules football club playing their home games in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia. Original established as the Bethanga Football Club form forming 1945 until 2001 the club was based at the Bethanga Football Ground in Bethanga, Victoria, Australia.

Following the 1999 Victorian Country Football League report that stated a number of clubs, including Bethanga, were on the verge of collapsing if some kind of action was not taken. After playing a handful of matches at Wodonga’s Martin Park to see if there would be enough local support to support the club moving there, the club made the decision in 2002 Bethenga relocated fully to Wodonga & were renamed to the Wodonga Saints.


Bethanga F.C.[edit]

Also played in other regional leagues pre 1945.

Wodonga Saints F.C.[edit]

The club decided relocate to Wodonga in order to save the club from possibly folding.

Back To Bethanga[edit]

Since 2009 the Wodonga Saints have moved one home match back to the old Bethanga Football Ground most seasons. The move has been widely welcomed by both the football club & greater Bethanga community.

Year G B Pts Home G B Pts Away Report
2009 11 7 73 Wodonga Saints 16 11 107 Mitta United Report (Saturday April 18)
2010 No match played
2011 No match played
2012 No match played
2013 17 12 114 Wodonga Saints 10 11 71 Tallangatta Report (Saturday May 4)
2014 11 7 73 Wodonga Saints 11 12 78 Tallangatta Report (Saturday April 12)
2015 2 5 17 Wodonga Saints 49 23 317 Tallangatta Report (Saturday May 30)
2016 No match scheduled


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