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Woestijnvis (literally: Desert Fish) is an independent Flemish television production company based in Vilvoorde.


Situatie rond De Vijver.pdf

The name of the company refers to a famous mistake of a quiz-candidate in the Flemish version of Wheel of Fortune:[1] the remaining letters were W . . ST . . NV . S and the participant answered "WOESTIJNVIS" (Desert Fish), the correct answer was "WOESTIJNVOS" (Desert Fox). The company was founded in 1997 by Jan Huyse, Wouter Vandenhaute and Erik Watté in close collaboration with Mark Uytterhoeven. The company rose to fame with its series The Mole, variants of which were recorded and broadcast in various countries.

Woestijnvis is now part of the holding De Vijver Media [nl] which owns the Belgian TV-stations VIER and VIJF.[2]



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