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Also known asWSK, W$K
OriginOverath, Germany
GenresPunk rock
Years active1995 (1995)–2005 (2005)
Past members
  • Honolulu Silver
  • Türk Travolta
  • Raki Neidhardt
  • Don Ludger de la Cardeneo

The Wohlstandskinder (German pronunciation: [ˈvoːlʃtantskɪndɐ], "Children of prosperity", shortform WSK or W$K) was a punk rock band from Overath near Cologne, Germany that was founded in 1995. They define their music as Provinzrock ("Province rock"). After their 10th anniversary in December 2005 they produced a double-live-album, which was also released as DVD.


"The" was added to the band name in 2000, according to the official statement on their website as an Adelsprädikat ("an ennobling descriptor") and as sign for Posertum and Möchtegernglamour ("Wannabe-glamour").


The early songs of The Wohlstandskinder were socially critical, politically left and often shameless. On their way to success, which led to a major label taking them up, their music became much more subtle, and almost completely lost its shameless style.


The Wohlstandskinder are:

  • Honolulu Silver - Vocals, Guitar
  • Türk Travolta - Lead-Guitar
  • Raki Neidhardt - Bass
  • Don Ludger de la Cardeneo - Drums


The Wohlstandskinder published several singles and five studio albums. They have also been sampled several times.

They have recorded two music-videos (Wie ein Stern and Kein Radiosong), the last one was even shown on the German music-television station VIVA (but only very late in the evening).

On their tours they promoted bands like Sum 41, The Offspring, Die Happy and Donots.


  • 1996: Mit Sex verkauft sich alles -Demo (Sex sells everything)


  • 1997: Für Recht und Ordnung (For Right and order)
  • 1997: Poppxapank
  • 1999: Delikatessen 500sl (delicatesses 500sl)
  • 2000: En Garde
  • 2002: Baby, Blau! (Baby, blue)
  • 2003: Poppxapank + Die 90er waren zum Recyclen da (Re- release)
  • 2004: Dezibelkarate
  • 2005: Zwischen Image und Gewohnheit" (Between image and habits)/live


  • 1998: Die 90er waren zum Recyclen da (The 90s had to be used for recycling)
  • 2001: Untot macht hirnpolitisch - EP (undead makes brainpolitical) (under the nickname "Kinderkacke", which means in English "unimportant", lit. children poo)


  • 2002: Wir sehen uns in Las Vegas (We'll meet again in Las Vegas)
  • 2003: Wie ein Stern (Like a star)
  • 2004: Kein Radiosong (No radio song) (not released)

VHS & DVD[edit]

  • Wie ein Stern 2002 (Like a star, VHS)
  • Zwischen Image und Gewohnheit" (Between image and habits)/live (DVD)

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