Woko National Park

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Woko National Park
New South Wales
IUCN category II (national park)
Wedge Tailed Eagle.jpg
Wedge-tailed eagle
Woko National Park is located in New South Wales
Woko National Park
Woko National Park
Coordinates 31°45′17″S 151°47′24″E / 31.75472°S 151.79000°E / -31.75472; 151.79000Coordinates: 31°45′17″S 151°47′24″E / 31.75472°S 151.79000°E / -31.75472; 151.79000
Established 1982
Area 85.98 km2 (33.2 sq mi)
Managing authorities NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Website Woko National Park
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New South Wales

Woko is a national park in New South Wales, Australia, 243 km north of Sydney.

The Woko National Park is characterized by a steep and ragged landscape. There are vast areas of rainforest, arid places with rocky outcroppings and groves of eucalyptus. The Manning River flows through the park and offers spectacular riverside locations for picnickers and hikers.[1]


The Woko National Park is a crucial habitat for several species of birds and animals. The forests, grasslands and rocky regions of the park are havens for birds like the lyrebird and the wedge-tailed eagle. Many threatened species of animals live here, including the brush-tailed rock-wallaby.[1]

Brush-tailed rock-wallaby
Overlook of Woko National Park, Monkeycot nature reserve, and the Giro valley from Carson's Pioneer Lookout, Mare's Run.

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