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Wolek family
One Life to Live family
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Doris Quinlan
Duration 1968–2004
First appearance July 15, 1968 (1968-07-15)
Last appearance May 28, 2004 (2004-05-28)

The Wolek family is an original family of fictional characters on the American soap opera One Life to Live present at its debut in 1968. The Woleks were created as a working-class reflection of the affluent Lord family, and storylines focused on the shared relations of the two families.

The Polish American family[1] is formed around the relationships of Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Wolek, a leading protagonist character that appears from the debut episode July 15, 1968[2][3] through May 28, 2004.[4][5][6][7]


First generation[edit]

Second generation[edit]

Third generation[edit]


When the Wolek family is first introduced at the inception of One Life to Live, Dr. Larry Wolek is presented as the youngest of an upwardly mobile clan of siblings who live in a rough-and-tumble west Llanview apartment building directly opposite Llanfair housekeeper Sadie Gray (Lillian Hayman). Larry's siblings are shown to be elders Anna Wolek, sibling matriarch and Llanview Hospital volunteer, and Vince Wolek, an auto mechanic. The mother and father of the three original Woleks are deceased at the show's inception,[1] and the two older siblings personally and financially sacrifice to enable Larry to pursue his expensive dream of being a doctor. Anna sacrifices for her brother's medical career selflessly, but their brother Vince is shown as being particularly resentful of the prestige and opportunity a medical career affords resident physician Larry and the studying doctor's romantic relationship with Meredith Lord, the daughter of Llanview media mogul Victor Lord.[8]

After Meredith's death, Wolek distant cousins and siblings Jenny and Karen Wolek arrive in fictional Llanview the mid-1970s. Larry and Karen marry after a whirlwind courtship and romance, but she later cuckolds him when she becomes a prostitute and the two divorce. Jenny engages in a series of romances from the late 1970s through the 1980s.

Family tree[edit]



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