Woleu-Ntem Province

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Woleu-Ntem Province

Woleu-Ntem is one of Gabon's nine provinces. It covers an area of 38,465 km². The provincial capital is Oyem.

As Woleu-Ntem is the most northerly province of Gabon, it is the only province that borders Cameroon, as well as bordering the Republics of Equatorial Guinea and of the Congo. It borders the following areas of these countries:

Domestically, it borders the following provinces:


Departments of Woleu-Ntem

Woleu-Ntem is divided into 5 departments:

Coordinates: 1°17′26″N 11°50′08″E / 1.29043°N 11.8355°E / 1.29043; 11.8355